Visiting Suzuka car racetrack

Experience the thrill of watching the track live and enjoy the fun with your family in the neighboring area. Fans of motor racing while passing Mie won’t want to miss out on their chance to visit the Suzuka Car Track.

Filled with a legendary Japanese track, where the world’s top racers in Formula 1 and other contests compete. Because next to the track there is also an amusement park with lots of recreational activities for children.

It is not surprising that motor racing sports are widely sought after in the homeland of some of the world’s largest car manufacturers. Suzuka racetrack is one of only two racetracks in Japan that meet Formula 1 standards, the other is Fuji Race.

Some of the major races held at Suzuka Racetrack are the Super GT Race which takes place every August. And the Formula 1 Japan Grand Prix takes place every October.

Major events usually take place from March to November. Besides the four-wheeled vehicles, there are also many motorbike races here. Another unique driving experience is Circuit Challenger.

This is where you can drive a two-seat electric go-cart right on the track used for real races at the Suzuka Racetrack. Children aged two years and over can travel with and in the passenger seat.

The Formula 1 Japan Grand Prix was held at Suzuka Racetrack. It is a famous racing competition where cars will pounce on the challenging turns of one of the most famous racetracks in Japan.

There will be dramatic high-speed racing in a legendary location. Get a chance to learn from professional racers before following them on mini racers at nearby theme parks.

The Japan Tournament officially became part of the Formula 1 world championship. That was since 1976 with American driver Mario Andretti’s victory at the Fuji International racetrack.