The results of the Grand Prix Sakhir 2020

Sergio Perez won his first F1 race at Sakhir 2020 GP 1 nowadays. He started at P5 and won the exciting race at the Bahrain Outer Track for the first time. Of course, this was also his first win of the F2020 season. And he was also his first win for the Racing Pont team and the second Mexican winner since year 1.

The race started clean until turn 4 when Charles Leclerc got a bit of a chance to hit P3 and hit Sergio Perez as he brakes late. Max Verstappen had to take a dodge in order not to crash into Perez and go the long haul.

Leclerc’s hit on Perez also forced him to retire. George Russell leads the way in safety and in round 6, time spent on safe vehicles is over. Russell took the lead and the men behind it fought for the spot.

Lando Norris, who started P19 won 10 spots in the first lap and is driving around P9 in lap 10. In round 46, race leader Russell pitted against his new set of hard tires and returned to the track for second place.

He immediately told his team he had the strength in the first round. after he pitted. In the 77th round, Bottas was overtaken by 3 cars to get to P8!

A round later Russell seemed to be punctured behind the left and right back into the hole. So he lost 13 places and got back on track on P14. Sergio Perez still leads the race, Ocon is second and Stroll is third. So Racing Point can win the first championship on the podium.

Sainz is only 1 second behind Stroll in the McLaren and tried his best to get to the podium. But was unable to pass the Racing Pont before finishing. Perez won his first race!