Talking about F1 racing, classification Sakhir GP 2020

On the day of the Sekhir GP 2020 classification, the driver who replaced Lewis Hamilton. George Russell could not surpass Valtteri Bottas to win the pole.

The season’s penultimate race continued at the Bahrain International Circuit. The only difference is that the racers will not compete in the form of an officially designed track map, but will run with the Outer Track puzzle.

There was a modified runway variation in this sports complex. This event was held under the name of the sponsor of the race as Formula 1 Rolex Sakhir Grand Prix 2020.

Also at this sports complex, but the start of the reclassification session has been delayed 180 minutes from last week’s weekend. George Russell is a mature driver from the Williams training camp of the Williams team. He was offered a replacement by the Mercedes team to replace Lewis Hamilton.

That is the reason why Williams’ original Korean reserve racer Jack Aitken was appointed to replace George Russell. The Haas team also added a staff member, as Romain Grosjean could not play due to injury from the collision.

So test driver Pietro Fittipaldi of the Ferrari training furnace was also assigned to replace. The title of speed crown in 2020 belongs to Lewis Hamilton, but the Sakhir GP 2020 classification race is not so less attractive.

But Bottas also struggled with the racer as Russell to win the Sakhir GP 2020 race pole with a record of 53 seconds 377. Back to the main events, at the start of the Q1 ranking, it didn’t rain. The area temperature is only 24 degrees Celsius and the absorption temperature of the track is only 27 degrees Celsius.

At the beginning of the Q1 ranking round, most of the riders used C4, Gasly, Kvyat, Bottas, Russell tires using C3 tires, except for Carlos Sainz. At the first run, the Magnussen racer set-time first, but the fastest temporary one was Verstappen at 54 seconds 037.

In the second run, the riders switched to C4 tires and had 2 consecutive laps. Perez was the fastest in the first lap. But Bottas was the fastest in the Q1 ranking round after improving on his second run.