Mercedes wins at F1 Austria Grand Prix

The first F1 stage of the 2020 season in Austria took place with the victory of Valteri Bottas of Mercedes team. Hamilton was fined 5 seconds after colliding with Red Bull’s Alex Albon and finished fourth.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc made a spectacular run in the last 10 laps and took second place. McLaren’s Lando Norris came in third.

Mercedes was dealt a strong blow just one hour before the race when the referee sent a penalty to Hamilton. Because you didn’t slow down during the sorting round when the yellow pennant was used.

Instead of starting in second place, Hamilton had to start in fifth place. However, he quickly and deftly rose to second place in just the first 10 laps and held this position until the end of the race.

Starting in seventh place and finishing second was a big surprise for Charles Lerlerc. He remained seventh for most of the race and only made a break in the final laps when he overtook Racing Point’s Sergio Perez. He moved close to Hamilton and took second place when the Mercedes driver received a penalty.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen gave up on the 11th lap due to an engine failure. Shortly thereafter was Danial Ricciardo of Renault team because the engine overheated.

However, a small collision happened and Alex’s car was thrown out of the track, causing the racer to stop here. Hamilton received a 5-second penalty for this collision and lost his place on the podium.

This is not the first time Hamilton has collided with Albon and deprived the racer of chances of winning. With McLaren’s Lando Norris, this is the victory at the first podium of glory for the young racer who has just participated in 22 races. He put in a lot of effort to complete the fastest final lap.

As announced 1 week before the race, F1 season 2020 is back with a strong message of equality. At the ceremony before the race, the racers were all wearing shirts with the words “Ending racism”.