Hamilton won the Belgian Grand Prix easily

F1 champion Lewis Hamilton outstrips teammate Mercedes Valtteri Bottas to finish first on the Spa-Francorchamps race. Hamilton completed 44 laps in 1 hour 24 minutes 08,761 seconds, and was 8.448 seconds faster than runner-up Valtteri Bottas.

Only thanks to the appearance of safety vehicles, while Hamilton focused on keeping the tires in the final stage. Did Bottas not fall too far behind in Catalunya.

Hamilton finished first at Spa-Francorchamps was the predicted outcome when his qualifying round performance. He showed the British driver’s W11 was faster than Bottas’s by more than 0.5 seconds per lap.

Although Bottas started right behind his teammates, Bottas could not intimidate the first place. And control of the race was entirely in Hamilton’s hands.

He was causing the car safety to be deployed in lap 11. But the order in the first group did not disturb too much. At the end of the race, the risk of rain appearing or Hamilton complaining about the right front tire did not pose a threat to the top. It is likely that the two SF1000s will continue to have embarrassing performances on the Monza home track

When the Mercedes duo completely outperformed, Verstappen did not cause a mutation. The two most praised riders of the rest were Daniel Ricciardo and Pierre Gasly. Ricciardo was not too far behind in the top 3 and scored the fastest-lap in the final seconds. Although using stiffer tires than 30 laps. Gasly has a series of passes in the middle group and won the best racer award.

Meanwhile, Ferrari caused a big disappointment. Despite some progress at the beginning of the race, Ferrari still could not compete with the average racing team on high speed tracks. Poor engine capacity, which used to be the forte of the Italian racing team, is considered the reason.