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This post may save you thousands of dollars.


Before you hire a website designer or spend dozens of man hours in “upgrading” your website in ways that don’t help your bottom line, understand this:

A good website turns visitors into subscribers, subscribers into customers, and customers into raving fans.

What matters in a website is its power to “convert.” Conversion is the act of inspiring a person to a higher level of commitment. You shou
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ld judge your website by this standard alone.

The tricky thing is that there are no hard and fast rules in conversion. Every audience, every niche and every industry has a different conversion rate. So the best marketing tactics for your website will vary according to your core industry.

But no matter what industry you’re in, here are some battle-tested web conversion tips that will work for you:

Use Social Proof

If everybody else jumped off a bridge would you do it too? In the marketing world, the answer is yes.

Most people don’t like to be the first to try something. Going first is risky, and scary. But if 500 other people took risk and survived, it doesn’t seem that bad to us. We think, “ I want to be cool too, so why not? “ Peer pressure works.

The fancy name for this principle is social proof. Robert Cialdini first coined the term in his marketing classic Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. Big brands such as McDonald’s, Amazon, and Walmart constantly use this social proof to keep their cash registers ringing.

So how can you put this psychological phenomenon into practice?

First think about your business.

Do you have happy customers?
How many clients have you served?
How many likes do you have on social media?

If the answer is yes, let social proof do your selling online.

Instead of making your website visitors guess if anyone else likes your business, put your numbers and your success stories front and center. People will trust you more if you do. And trust is the first step in transforming a person from browser to buyer.

Here are some practical tools to help make this easier:

Use easy social proof apps such as Proof, Fomo, and ProveSource to put your social proof on steroids in less than 15 minutes. These tools automatically create pop-ups that tell visitors about people who recently subscribed to your email list, purchased a product, or took any other step that you want new website visitors to take.
Get different ideas for using social proof in this insightful article: “29 Proven Ways to Use Social Proof to Increase Your Conversions.”
See examples of how the biggest brands use social proof in this post: “How to Effectively Use Social Proof to Increase Conversions.”

Keep it Simple (K.I.S.S.)

Make your website so simple, a child can use it

Drop the fancy sliders and cut out the bells and whistles.

Every single page of your website should have only one goal. Not five. Not two. Just one.

When it comes to creating sales, less is more. This is the brilliance of sites like Google. For example, when you land on Google’s homepage, what do you want to do?

You want to fill in the box. That’s the point! Once you type your search word into their box, a world of information opens up to you, and Google brings in ad revenue.

Think of your website the same way. On every page, you want to present one tiny door that opens up to the exact profitable world you want visitors to explore.

Many web designers believe the myth that prettier a website is, the more effective it is. This belief is false. As famed Internet Marketer Neil Patel points out, sometimes, ugly sites win big.

So don’t worry about how “pretty” your website is. Focus on simplicity instead.

And if your potential web designer doesn’t mention conversions or even know what that word means, run! Instead, find a designer that is conversion focused.

Simplicity is key. If your website design doesn’t follow the modern principle of simplicity, your site’s visitors will open your page, instantly get overwhelmed, and leave your site faster than you can say, “Hold on!”

Practicing the simplicity principle will keep that from happening.

So how can you put this tip into action? Here are a few suggestions.

Comb over every page of your website. Especially your home page.
Ask yourself, “What single action do I want each site visitor to take based on this page?” For example, are you trying to get them to empathize? Read? Shop? Subscribe? Purchase something? Whatever that one goal is, make it crystal clear.
Simplify your layout. By making the layout simple, you’ll make sure that everything supports the single goal of a page.
Use conversion focused page builders such as ClickFunnels or Leadpages, or WordPress themes such as Thrive Themes to easily create singularly focused pages that lead to more conversions.

Make it Obvious

This tip is all about user experience. Think about your current website flow from the perspective of your visitor. Is it easy for them to navigate? Can they quickly do what they want to do? If the answer is no, then you have some work to do. Is there clutter you can eliminate from the page?

Colors are important because they tell us what to pay attention to. When improving your website conversion rate, simply changing the color of an order button can have a huge impact.

In addition, tools such as Hello Bar can increase conversions dramatically because they immediate place a bar at the top of page, telling a visitor what they need to do next.

So what steps can you take to make your website better in these areas?

Ruthlessly eliminate clutter. If there is extra information that your website doesn’t need, take it off. Filler is a conversion killer.
Test, test, test. The only way to know what works best for your site is to test it. You can use conversion-rate optimization tools like Optimizely or FreshMarketer to run experiments with different options for your website. Change button size, color, and more to see what creates a better experience for your visitors.
Use lead generation tools such as Hello Bar, Leadboxes, or WordPress plugins such as WP Notification Bars to immediately tell your users what action they need to take.

Make it Visual

You’ve heard it before: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

It’s true. We are visual creatures. Our brains process pictures much faster than text. Consider the following:

65% percent of people are visual learners.
YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.
Content with images is shared 94% more often than text-based content.

So to have a successful website, you need to find ways to make your website more visual.

Here are two tips for adding a stronger visual component to your website:

Add video to your website to increase conversions. Forbes reports that embedding videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%. Plus, people love video. Ninety percent of customers say that video helps them make purchasing decisions.
Heat up your website. You can visually understand where your website visitor’s eyes are going with heatmap tools such as Crazy Egg and Mouseflow. This will help you see where people are most likely to click, improve what’s working and fix what isn’t. Crazy Egg offers a free trial and a chance for you to see your own website heatmap right now.

Follow Up with Email

Email is still the top online sales generator. If you are not creating bright, unmistakable, well-placed email sign up opportunities on your website – you are missing out on sales.

Don’t get so caught up in the latest social media platforms and Instra-crazes that you lose sight of the big picture. Social media is the attention grabber that brings people to your website, but email closes the deal.

According to VentureBeat, email creates a $38 ROI for every $1 spent. Email is the sales king, and it’s been that way for the past 10 years.

On a practical level, this means several things:

Use giveaways. As soon as visitors land on your website, offer a lead magnet, giveaway or incentive in exchange for their email address. The opportunity should be enticing, easy and visually obvious.
Use behavior based or exit-intent pop-ups. For example, you can use Sumo and AddThis to prompt people to give you their email address before they leave.
Use autoresponders to set up emails that go out to your new subscribers on autopilot. Email marketing is the best way to build trust and create sales online. Take a look at some of the top email marketing tools here. I personally recommend Active Campaign – due to its rare combination of ease of use plus advanced features.

Choose just one or two of the tips above and put them into action. That’s all you need to do see major results.

Tired of Spending Money On Marketing That Doesn’t Work?

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The 2015 edition of the TripAdvisor TripBarometer report asked hoteliers, “How important do you think each of the following is for your business?” The results? Eighty percent of hoteliers agree that increasing repeat business is ‘very important’ to the future of their hotels, and 77% of hoteliers want to increase direct bookings.

But, guest expectations are changing and the hospitality environment is becoming increasingly competitive. According to recent studies, email market
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ing is one of the most effective ways to reach guests. But, how do hotels differentiate themselves when nearly 82% of consumer inboxes are promotional or transactional in nature? How can hotels break through the noise?

To differentiate themselves, hotels need a way to reach guests with targeted marketing promotions based on their personal preferences, to drive items like room upgrades, spa bookings, or future stays. With a unified platform for managing every aspect of guest relations, hoteliers could enhance the guest experience before, during, and after the hotel stay, resulting in happier guests and increased revenue.

An additional problem? Hotel email marketing success has traditionally been difficult to quantify. Metrics like open and click rates were (and still are) used to measure the success or failure of campaigns. But, these metrics don’t provide a direct tie to revenue. Hotel marketers need to figure out which campaigns are actually driving revenue for the hotel and which are less successful money-makers, in order to prove value and quantify the impact of their email marketing efforts.

Fortunately, the technology exists to provide direct revenue attribution to each email campaign. Makena Beach & Golf Resort in Maui is a Revinate Marketing customer. The email below was sent to its database of past guests.

The result? Engagement, direct bookings, and directly attributable revenue. This campaign earned:

31.8% open rate
54 reservations
$135,960 in directly attributable revenue

Of course, this success story isn’t just about the revenue generated. It’s about the direct attribution, which allows the hotel to tie revenue directly to specific campaigns. In email marketing, learning what works and what doesn’t is half the battle, and it’s clear from the revenue generated that this campaign worked. Makena Beach & Golf Resort is running a highly successful email marketing program, and they have the revenue data to prove it.

Are you attending HITEC 2016? CLICK HERE to set up a meeting with the Revinate team to learn more about the latest developments in hotel marketing and online reputation.
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Believe it or not buying a house with bad credit is possible. I did it myself. All the mortgage company wanted to know at the time I bought my house four years ago was if I had enough income and could make the monthly payments on time.

Credit is important but it isn't all a bank or mortgage company is interested in. You can even qualify for 100% financing. Bring up all your positive attributes and get the mortgage company to see that you are still a good risk even though you have had some financial difficulties in the past.

You will g
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o through an income verification process before being approved for your home loan and if you make an appropriate amount of money your mortgage company will approve you and you will see that even with bad credit buying a house is possible.

One thing you can do to make buying a house with bad credit much, much easier is to come up with a down payment. Your mortgage company can usually work with bad credit issues if you can put down some money on your loan. A good average down payment should range anywhere from 5-20%. Save the money if you can or borrow from family and if these are not options for you try to get a personal loan or apply for a grant.

Grants will take the longest to get so do not expect to be able to use one readily unless you apply for and receive one prior to applying for a loan to buy your house.

It is possible, too, to get what is called an 80-20 loan. This is when you basically have two loans on your new house, one for 80 percent of the purchase price of the house and one for 20 percent. You will have two separate payments to make. Each loan is a separate entity and if you do end up running into some difficulty each loan can be sold to separate loan servicing companies so you will have to make your payments to different companies. The loans cannot be combined into one.

If you cannot come up with a down payment, this can also be dealt with and worked around by agreeing to pay for private mortgage insurance. Private mortgage insurance is an aspect of buying a home that protects the mortgage company from the borrower defaulting on the loan and makes it possible to purchase a property with no down payment and bad credit.

Private mortgage insurance amounts vary and depend on the amount of your loan. You may pay as little as $20 per month or more. The mortgage company will determine what you will pay based on the amount of the loan you have been approved for. If you continue to make your payments on time it is possible that you will be able drop the private mortgage insurance after a few years.

Encouraging the mortgage company to concentrate on the positive things about your financial life make buying a house with bad credit easier than you might think.
Stop by JCPenney where Arizona Juniors’ Denim is on sale for $16.80, marked down from the original price of $42.00. At checkout, use code 3GETMORE to get 25% off your purchase. Pay just $12.60 and save 70%.

Buy 1 Arizona Juniors’ Jeans (reg. $42.00) $16.80
Use code 3GETMORE to get 25% off your purchases under $100.00 through 8/4
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The post JCPe
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Information Technology Blog - - Tips for Making Digital Marketing Work in Your Business - Information Technology Blog

Digital platforms dominate modern marketing. More old-fashioned methods of marketing your business are still used and very often highly effective, but the emphasis is placed far more heavily on websites, social media, online advertising and mobile technologies.

If you want to build a successful business, you need to understand what these digital technologies can do for you, and
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how to use them to your best advantage. You also need to be ahead of the game where your competitors are concerned, to ensure you have a strategy that sets you apart from everyone else selling the same products or services.

To achieve this, you need to be aware of the key factors that will determine whether your business gets the exposure it needs.

It’s not all about your website
Your website is the foundation for your digital marketing, and it’s important to get the design and content right. After all, this is where you want people to end up. However, they find you in the first place. Your social media accounts are tools for drawing people to your website, so your posts need to link back to the relevant landing page for the topic you’re writing about.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of bringing potential customers to your site, and again this is a tool for directing people to your website. One of the most exciting developments in digital marketing is the growth of SMS marketing services.

People who sign up for text messages from you are highly likely to open and read your messages – around three times more likely than they are to read your emails – so this could be a very effective tool for engaging with customers.

Search Engine Optimization
This is the factor that many people are seeing as being most important for making your mark online; designing your website to fulfill the criteria set by search engines so that their algorithms place you as high up the results rankings for relevant searches as possible.

There’s no doubt that good SEO practices can boost your rankings, but there’s far more to it than ticking a list of boxes to say you have x number of backlinks or keywords in all the right places and with the optimum frequency. Metrics for visits to your landing page are only useful in so far as they will tell you if you are getting your SEO strategy right; it’s what happens after this initial contact that determines the success of your marketing.

Site Design
People make up their minds about whether they like the look of your page and wish to explore further within a few seconds of viewing your landing page. If the page is poorly designed, out of date, lacks the information someone expects to find, or fails to engage with prospective customers, they will go back to their search results and try the next site.

With so much choice, no-one is likely to hang around on your site unless they like what they see and can immediately access what they’re looking for. There are plenty of guides to website design available if you wish to do the work yourself, or you could employ an agency to do the design work for you. The latter option may be more expensive initially, but if it brings you more leads and sales, it will be a worthwhile investment.

The importance of quality content
Content is the term for all the information, photos, and graphics you publish on your site. Having gotten prospective clients to click through to your site and given them the incentive to stick around, you now need your content to deliver what they came for.

That means having well-written posts, useful information that will answer the needs of visitors to your site, and an understanding of how to compose the content to facilitate visitor engagement.

Good writing doesn’t have to be perfect writing but must be sufficiently error-free to convey your knowledge and professionalism. If you need to work on your writing skills, take a course, read some books on the subject, and practice until you get it right. Or alternatively, find a suitably qualified freelancer who specializes in your field to write your content for you.
Visitors to your site are looking for answers to their questions, a solution to the problem they are experiencing, or advice to help them make a choice. They aren’t interested in the inner workings of your business, and yet many companies seem to think that boasting about their achievements is what will make people buy from them. This kind of information may be useful for customers if they wish to check your credentials later in the process, but initially, all they will be interested in is what you can do for them. If they don’t get the answers they’re looking for swiftly and easily; they’ll be off.
When you compose your content, it has to fulfill the needs of the reader to be effective, and the best way to achieve this is to tell a story. Storytelling in marketing means presenting the information you wish to convey in a manner that engages your reader and that they find compelling. You could use stories from your own experience to illustrate a point, have examples of how what you’re talking about has been applied in real life, or use humor and/or empathy where appropriate. People like to make connections with other people, so if you can make them laugh, have them nodding their head in agreement, or describe an experience so vividly that it comes alive, they will feel that connection with you. You’ll become a real person, rather than a faceless representative, and for small businesses selling yourself to your customers is key to building relationships with them.

If you want to make digital marketing work for you, remember that there are several aspects to your digital presence, and it is the combination of these aspects that build a successful strategy. SEO, content, design, and using a variety of methods to draw people onto your website all contribute to your digital marketing strategy.

Most important of all, remember your focus should be on giving customers what they need – which is true of all aspects of marketing.

The post Tips for Making Digital Marketing Work in Your Business appeared first on Information Technology Blog.

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Star Wars director Rian Johnson recently took to Twitter and explained why he deleted over 20,000 tweets following Disney's firing of James Gunn. Earlier this week, Johnson caused a stir when he seemingly purged most of his Twitter history. Johnson’s erasure of 20,000 tweets occurred shortly after Disney fired Gunn and seemed to be a direct response to the controversy.
The Gunn/Disney controversy has dominated the news cycle over the past week and has sent shockwaves through the entertainm
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ent industry. The Guardians of the Galaxy director was summarily fired by Disney last week when a slew of Gunn’s inappropriate and offensive tweets from several years back went viral. In Disney’s official release regarding Gunn’s dismissal, they stated that the director’s tweets were “indefensible and inconsistent with our studio’s values.” After Disney fired Gunn, several of his friends and coworkers have come to his defense claiming that Disney was wrong for firing him. Nevertheless, Disney has stood by their decision and seem to have no plans to hire Gunn back.
Related: Disney Should Rehire James Gunn For Guardians of the Galaxy 3
In the wake of the Gunn/Disney controversy, some viewed Johnson’s decision to delete his past tweets as suspicious. It seemed as if Johnson was either covering his tracks or just taking precautions. Some even implied that Disney might have ordered Johnson to delete a large portion of his Twitter history. This accusation is unfounded, even if it was extremely pervasive. Thankfully, Johnson recently took to Twitter to explain exactly why he deleted his tweets:
Given everything that happened to Gunn, Johnson’s explanation and actions make perfect sense. His tweet also seems completely earnest and relatable. Anything he’s said in the past - even if it wasn’t overtly offensive - could potentially put his career at risk. Gunn’s take down was orchestrated by politically conservative trolls who dug through thousands of his pasts tweets to find anything incriminating. As Johnson said, if that is the “new normal,” then why wouldn’t he protect himself and his career? It may seem like an extreme measure to delete 20,000 tweets, however, Disney’s knee-jerk reaction to Gunn’s tweets was alarming.
It’s also worth noting that Johnson has first hand knowledge of how quickly public opinion can shift. Star Wars fans were extremely critical of him after The Last Jedi premiered and he was openly trolled on social media. That being said, many Star Wars fans still hold a grudge against him and claimed he “ruined” Star Wars. So, it’s easy to understand why he’s being cautious. For now, the Disney/Gunn controversy continues, and based on Johnson’s actions and comments, it seems that public figures who work for Disney may be on high alert.
More: Rian Johnson Has Perfect Response To Fans Who Want A Last Jedi Remake
Source: Rian Johnson/Twitter

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It's highly unlikely that the Grimm brothers were thinking about Hollywood trends when they penned Rapunzel back in the 19th century, but here we are. Granted, the title character was locked in a tower for a whopping 12 years (you miss a lot in over a decade), but she also had a small perk amide the isolation: that hair. Long, glamorous strands is basically a glam cheat code. Who needs to fill in their brows or slap on a red lip when they have all of that up top? Exactly.
It looks like Hollywood gets it,
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too, as stars like Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner, and Ariana Grande are letting their hair down and letting their braids and ponytails spill past their shoulders, too. Long hair does care... or at least we do. See their styles ahead.
For her Barbie-themed 21st birthday extravaganza, Kylie Jenner wore an astounding 30 inches of platinum blonde hair extensions styled in a low ponytail. According to the hair extension artist behind the look, Violet Teriti, that's between $6,000 and $8,000 worth of hair.
InstagramFor Beyoncé's On The Run II tour with husband Jay-Z, longtime hairstylist Neal Farinah brought back Bey's iconic long, braided ponytail that came ready with its own "hair-ography," according to Farinah.
InstagramHow can we talk about long ponytails without mentioning Hollywood's biggest ponytail stan: Ariana Grande. In the run-up to her new album Sweetener in August, Ariana remained loyal to the look, even rocking super-long ponytails when she tried (temporary) platinum blonde and ice blue hair color.
InstagramAt the 2018 ESPYs, Ciara wore a high, I Dream Of Jeannie -esque ponytail with at least 24 inches of hair flowing down past her waist. Jeannie would be proud.
InstagramJennifer Lopez put her 50-inch extensions into a ponytail with the help of hairstylist Chris Appleton, who's styled the tresses both curly and straight.
InstagramAt the 2018 BET Awards, Janelle Monáe wore a dramatic long, low ponytail with a few face-framing tendrils thanks to hairstylist Nikki Nelms. The style matched well with her dramatic Pride-inspired gown that night.
InstagramJust days before her wedding, Serena Williams wore a statement-making updo herself for the Glamour Women of The Year Award s. "Serena’s Versace dress was the inspiration for this hairstyle," celebrity hairstylist Vernon François told us. "With the gold detail and padded shoulders, the look needed to give face, so I was like, ' ponytail it is!' Snatching her hair up away from the face like this works well because it emphasizes the features."
Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images.Jennifer Hudson's badass braid can be yours with a few packs of hair, bobby pins, and gel for hold. Check out our roundup of tutorials here.
Photo: Trae Patton/NBC/Getty Images.Uber's chief brand officer, Bozoma Saint John, proves that box braids can work from the boardroom to the red carpet.
Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images.Try spritzing Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Dry Oil Finishing Spray on for a wonderfully-slick sheen like Kourtney Kardashian's.
Photo: JB Lacroix/ WireImage.Like this post? There's more. Get tons of beauty tips, tutorials, and news on the Refinery29 Beauty Facebook page. Like us on Facebook — we'll see you there!
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"Glass Hair" Is The Latest Celebrity Trend To Try
Why These Brides Chopped Their Hair Off During Their Weddings
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Looking for a new laptop bag for him or know someone who needs one? We have the perfect deal for you! Amazon has the Estalon Black Leather Laptop Messenger Bag for Men on sale for $48.49, regularly $79.99. This deal ends tonight.

This messenger bag has a padded main compartment that is designed to house a 14-inch laptop computer. The messenger bag features a wide shoulder strap that can be easily removed when not required and adjusted to preferred lengths. The bag can be carried by the handle, worn on the shoulders,
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or positioned across the body.

Free shipping is available with Amazon Prime. Not a Prime member? Sign up for a free trial now.

Buy 1 Estalon Black Leather Messenger Bag for Men (reg. $79.99) $48.49, sale price through 8/3
Free shipping with Amazon Prime
Final Price: $48.49 shipped
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