Quartz countertops have become an irresistible trend in Atlanta modern homes these days. There is hardly a modern home you get to that you will not find quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are a symbol of elegance, beauty, class, and novelty, and nothing else can complement modern homes like they do.

If you are planning for a modern home in Atlanta, find out why quartz countertops are being used.

They enhance the functionality of a space

Quartz countertops are functional and increase the usability of any s
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pace they are installed. When installed in the kitchen, the kitchen gets more organized and neater with a strong surface for cooking activities.

They are durable

Right from design to construction, modern homes are super homes that required a lot of money to complete; so, it would not augur well to keep changing certain important household materials like countertops. For this reason, the durability of quartz countertops make the perfect materials for the project.

They have matchless appeal

Quartz countertops are engineered products with perfect finishing, smooth and sleek surface, and exquisite patterns. They complement the aesthetics and interior décor of modern homes without hassles. Besides, they are available in a wider collection of patterns and colors than granite and marble countertops.

They add luxury and class to a property

Being products that undergo careful processing, quartz countertops are elegant, exquisite, and classic. Little wonder modern homes use quartz to add a touch of elegance and class to the property. They work best with contemporary themes and offer the appeal that ever stays in vogue.

They can replace granite and marble countertops

Quartz countertops have a resemblance of granite and marble countertops in terms of patterns and finishing, but are available in more colors and patterns. So, they are a perfect substitution for the natural stone countertops.

They increase the resell value of a property

All the materials used in building modern homes are choice materials. However, the homeowners find quartz the best item to further increase the resell value of the property. To increase the worth of a modern home, contemporary countertops like quartz countertops are the way to go. Quartz countertops are a one-time investment that offers higher returns in the long run.

If you want to make your Atlanta modern homes fabulous, ask for your quartz countertops from Art Stone Granite and Marble at http://artstoneatlanta.com/. Our products are high-quality offered at factory direct prices because we import directly from the source. We also provide high-quality craftsmanship for awesome project design, excellent fabrication, and impeccable installation. Contact us today, our courteous staff will attend to your inquiries immediately. Your satisfaction is our priority.
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How to make a birthday cake for dogs! Memphis just turned 5 years old, so it's time to make a Birthday cake! Today we are making a Carob Cake for dogs! Yummy! This easy birthday cake for dogs will have your dogs howling a happy tune! Happy Birthday Memphis!

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t videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL400F1C1759E6AF49
* Please note that I’m neither a vet nor an animal nutritionist, so it’s advisable to consult with your own authority when trying new foods, and also to ensure that your dog’s home cooked diet is balanced & includes all of the nutrients that are necessary for your dog’s health. As with ALL treats, feed in moderation, and don't feed anything to your dogs that you don't feel comfortable feeding them. These are treats, not meal replacements.

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 The Australian Dog Food Company is pleased to be able to offer Pet Friends/The Poop Scoop Service customers a special offer on its Original Recipe dry dog food formula. Aussie Dog Food is made from all natural, farm sourced Australian ingredients infused with a family of 9 pre and probiotics. When fed exclusively Aussie Dog Food improves the gut health of our four legged friends in every stage of their life. 
Feeding your dog with the Australian Dog Food pre & probiot
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ic dry dog food recipe can help:

Improve your dog’s gut health, skin and coat condition

healthy dog, healthy lawn
Reduce lawn burn from your dog’s urine
Assist your dog to make firmer, less smelly stools
Assist your dog to maintain a healthy body weight
Improve your dog’s general health and well being
Improve your dog’s smelly breath


The Pre & Probiotic Formula

Aussie Dog Food range

Aussie Dog Food is infused with the patented formula that is shown to have a beneficial effect on the Gastrointestinal tract ('the gut') of dogs. The recipe contains a blend of prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes.

Probiotics are supplements that contain beneficial bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria, a component of yoghurt, is the most common microbe used as a probiotic. Beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract stimulates the production of antibodies and improves the function of the immune system.

Enzymes help allow for the most complete breakdown of ingested food. Thorough digestion means higher rates of food conversion and nutrient absorption into your dog’s circulatory system.
Affects of Pre & Probiotics on the Gut of Dogs

Produces creatine so mass is turned into muscle instead of fat.
Assists in the elimination of stool and urine odour.
Decreases ammonia in the urine to reduce lawn burn.
Helps increase immunity and fertility.
Aids digestion, inhibits pathogen growth, increases vitamin and mineral absorption, reduces side effects of antibiotics.
Assists with inhibiting pathogen growth, helps prevent infections, helps maintain immune system, aids in healthy stool formation, supports dental health, supports healthy skin and coat.
Helps prevent diarrhoea, deterrent to respiratory infections, helps increase T-cell formation, helps reduce inflammation.

A healthier inside makes for a happier family life with your furry friend.

healthy dog, happy dog


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A weight loss app that makes it easy to log your diet, exercise, weight and more (like Nutrisystem’s NuMi), could be the secret to your weight loss success.

Research has shown that people who record what they eat, whether it’s in an old-fashioned food diary or on a smartphone or smartwatch app, are more likely to lose weight, to lose more weight, and to keep it off than people who don’t.

The scientific evidence is so overwhelming that many healthcare organizations are investing in it and health insu
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rers encouraging it because it promotes wellness, a factor that could lower healthcare costs. (It’s a lot cheaper to stay healthy than to get well once you’re sick.)

Here are the benefits of keeping track of what you eat and how much you move:

1. You may lose more weight.

That’s how it worked for the 1700 study participants in a 2008 study done at Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research. Those who kept a diary of everything they ate lost twice as much as those who didn’t. And the more they wrote down, the more weight they lost. Why is the food diary—now available as a handy smart phone app—such a powerful weight loss tool? Keeping track of what and how much you eat and how much you exercise encourages you to be mindful of both and to make healthy choices—even if you’re the only one who sees your diary.

Lose Weight & Get Exclusive Savings with NuMi

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2. The scale can become your best weight loss friend.

Stepping on the scale every day used to be a big no-no—after all, weight naturally fluctuates—but researchers are now saying it may help some people pare the pounds. In one 2015 Cornell University study of 168 overweight or obese gym-goers, those who hopped on the scale daily lost more weight and kept it off than those who didn’t. They also kept track of their success on a graph, another way to keep tabs on your progress. Another study, published in the online journal PLOS ONE, found that people who skipped weigh-in for just a week gained weight. Like food diaries, the scale keeps you honest and gives you that motivation to keep the dial inching downward.

3. You’ll move more.

Researchers at Boston University and Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York gave a group of 54 people with prediabetes one little thing that made them increase their daily activity and potentially ward off full blown diabetes. It was a pedometer. The participants who wore their pedometer daily took more than 1400 extra steps than those who didn’t wear one—and they lost weight, too.

4. You’ll start to connect the dots.

No more wondering why you gained weight this week. It’s all right there in your food diary or your activity chart. Compare your good weeks with your bad weeks and find the place where it all went wrong. A few too many spoonfuls of sugar in the coffee you needed because you didn’t get enough sleep? Only made it to the gym twice this week? That tells you you need to pay more attention to your sleep habits, watch your sugar consumption and be faithful to your exercise program. For example, if you have two teaspoons of sugar each of your three cups of coffee, you’ve added 100 calories to your diet—and hit the American Heart Association’s recommended limit for added sugars for women. (Men get a little more.) For weight loss, you need roughly 150 minutes a week of moderately vigorous exercise (like walking a 15-minute mile) while you’re also dieting, according to US government guidelines. That’s more than three hours which you can break into easy-to-manage half-hour sessions six days a week.

7 Diet Mistakes That Are Stalling Your Weight Loss

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5. You can avoid those plateaus.

The high of losing weight is frequently tempered by the low of hitting a plateau. That’s often where we lose hope and return to our old unhealthy ways. Diet, over. But if you know you’re stuck where you are—thanks to your daily tracking—you can adjust either your diet or your exercise to help get things moving again.

6. You can be more flexible.

Studies have found that rigid diets—ones that don’t allow for the occasional piece of chocolate, for example, or require you to stick to a limited meal plan—simply don’t work. They don’t pass the real world test—you can’t live on them. Researchers at the University of Salzburg in Austria found that dieters were far more successful if they were able to be flexible when deciding what to eat. Keeping track of your daily food intake can help you say yes to the occasional splurge because your diary will tell you what you’ve already eaten and if there’s room for a scoop of frozen yogurt—and whether you can even have a squirt of chocolate sauce and a cherry on top.

The post 6 Science-Backed Reasons to Log Your Food Today appeared first on The Leaf.
Most people take communication for granted. We talk with our family and friends, our significant others and our children, and we don’t think much about it. It is a normal part of life, and it is a way that we convey thoughts and ideas to each other.
However, we don’t always consider that everybody has a different communication style. Some people may not be able to speak using verbal words, so they communicate in other ways. People, whether they use verbal words are not, may communicate their emotions in a dif
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ferent way than someone else might. It is always good to check in with the people you are trying to communicate with the seat whether or not they are receiving your message.
This is called gathering feedback, and with this type of feedback, you will know whether or not you are getting your message across. It can be very difficult for anybody to succeed in this world without understanding the power of communication. We are a social species, and humanity has a tendency to need each other. We were not born biologically with the same tools that other animals were born with. We are vulnerable to the elements, and need to work together to survive.
This mindset is something that is deeply ingrained within us, and in our social world, we need to know how to speak with each other before we will ever be able to consider ourselves successful. For this reason, it is very important for us to develop listening skills and empathy.
Listening skills help us to receive messages that other people are trying to give us. There feedback about us can help us to truly understand our strengths and our pitfalls, in a way that will help us to develop them in order to be more successful in the future. Not only that, but they help to improve our relationship with others, because they feel that we are truly listening to them and that we care about what they say.
Empathy is also a crucial skill to develop. When we are unable to empathize with others, it makes the relationship between you strained and difficult. Empathy is a way of learning how to care about somebody else by trying to understand their perspective, even if it is different from your own. Everybody has different experiences that drive them to act in certain ways, and if we are able to understand these things, then we are able to get further in life and have better and closer relationships.
When you develop communication skills, not only will you improve your personal relationships, but you will also have a better likelihood of networking with people who can help you to get your plans off the ground and to show you the same amount of respect that you give to them.
Communication is key, in many ways. If you have found yourself suffering from a setback, consider learning more about how you can develop your communication style so that you are able to pull yourself up from your bootstraps and rise from the ashes!


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