Running the Boston Marathon is an admirable goal, but it’s also a costly one (by one estimate, up to $4,000) that requires you to have a qualifying time from another race and can be difficult on your body. If you’re looking for that same level of intensity but want something more accessible (or if you just not a fan of running), here are five alternatives that will test your endurance and strength.
If you could only choose one, should you strength train or do cardio? Trick question! You don’t have to choose, and you shouldn’t. Both types of exercise are important not just for maintaining a healthy weight, but for your overall health. That’s why the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio each week, plus two strength-training sessions.

Power Exercises: Arm Yourself Against Aging

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Here’s a rundown of why bot
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h strength training and cardio work benefit your health and your weight loss goals, with easy ways to fit both into your busy life.

Why you need cardio:

Almost 80 percent of Americans don’t achieve the CDC’s 150 minutes of cardiovascular exercise per week, meaning they miss out on a ton of benefits: Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, of course, but also decreased risks for diabetes, osetoporosis and premature death.

If you vary the pace of your cardio work, it can be supercharged: Interval training, where short bursts of harder work are alternated with easier work or total rest have been found in multiple studies, according to Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, to burn more fat and increase cardiovascular function better than steady-state, medium-paced work.

Why cardio alone isn’t good enough:

Some studies seem to suggest that cardiovascular exercise, by itself, is better for weight loss than combining it with strength training. In an eight-month study of 234 overweight people conducted by Duke University Medical Center, researchers found that those who did cardio alone lost 1.76 kilograms, while those who did a combination of cardio and strength lost slightly less, 1.63 kilograms. Members of a third group, who did just strength training, actually gained about 2 pounds during the study.

But if you look a little deeper, the cardio-only group lost weight, but they didn’t lose lean body mass—meaning they lost muscle, not fat. The combo group gained .81 kilograms of muscle, and the strength-only group tacked on more than two pounds of muscle—meaning they lost fat overall. And a body with less fat and more muscle not only looks good, but burns more calories at rest and can help protect against disease, reduce fall risk and lower your overall risk of death.

7 Low Impact Exercises for a Fitter You

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An easy way to do it:

Walk! You may think you have to sprint or jog to get all these benefits, but walking does a lot of good. While your watch may be telling you that 10,000 steps is somehow magical, you don’t need that many to get benefits: For every 1,000 steps you take each day, you can reduce your risk of “functional limitation” in the future due to arthritis by 16 to 18 percent (https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/06/140612085120.htm).

And walking can help keep weight off: One study conducted by Hopkins Medicine found that “moderately active” people lowered their levels of dangerous visceral fat by 7.4 percent compared with inactive subjects . And you can even get the fat-burning benefits of interval training while walking: Try changing your pace by as little as five inches per second for bursts of one minute, followed by one minute of slower walking. According to Biology Letters, when study participants did this, they burned 20 percent more calories than when they walked the same pace throughout their walk.

Why you need strength:

Having muscular strength means you can do more than just pick up a barbell. The American Heart Association recommends strength training because it improves cardiovascular function, lowers your heart disease risk, increases resting metabolism and improves your “psychosocial well-being.” But that’s not all! Strength training improves cognitive function, according to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and even works productivity.

And, of course, it can help stave off weight gain: In a Harvard study, researchers found that men who did 20 minutes of daily weight training had less age-related belly fat gains than those who did the same amount of cardio work.

Why strength training alone isn’t enough:

It’s possible to increase your heart rate while performing strength work so that you’re “doing cardio” while lifting weights, but for many of us, it’s unlikely that we’ll elevate our heart rate enough during strength training to match the 150 cumulative weekly minutes needed to realize the cardio benefits described above. And if you do, it’s possible you’re sacrificing strength work—that is, your strength training isn’t challenging your strength enough, and has “turned into” cardio. You need both!

An easy way to do it:

If you’re going to the gym, lift light weights. Studies have found that lifting weights to failure—continuing the movement until you can’t do another repetition—is the most important factor in building muscle strength and size, whether the load is heavy or light. One study of this kind showed that men who lifted 30 to 50 percent of their maximum weight for sets of 20 to 25 repetitions gained as much strength and size as others who lifted 75 to 80 percent of their maximum for eight repetitions per set. So if big, heavy weights make you nervous, stick to the smaller stuff. And if training to failure, be safe: Consider using a machine or a really light dumbbell so that if you truly fail, the weight isn’t putting you in danger.

No gym membership? No problem! Your body weight provides plenty of resistance. The act of getting in and out of a chair without using your hands for assistance is a strength training exercise—and it helps build muscle power, which can increase your ability to avoid a fall as you age. Try these five simple power-building exercises to start.

9 Body Toning Workouts for Fast Results

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OK, which should I do first?:

If you’re going to perform cardio and strength work in the same day, studies vary on which you should do first. One study published by Ace Fitness found that if you perform weight training first, your cardio workout can be harder than it would normally—resulting in an increase in pulse of 12 beats per minute compared to when the cardio’s done first. In that case, it would seem that the answer is cardio first is better.

But other studies have shown the opposite: Performing cardio first can use up the fuel you’ll need for strength training so you won’t get the same benefits. Doing weight training first can also mean you burn more fat while doing cardio, since weight training can use up the carbohydrates in your body in advance of your aerobic work.

So the real answer is: It depends on your goals, and more importantly, your preferences. If you find you prefer cardio work first and it’s the only way you have enough energy to also do your strength work—stick with that. If when you do strength traninig first, you feel like you have more zip to finish your aerobic session, do that. If all things are equal and weight loss is your goal, do your strength work first.

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Hi friends! Happy Friday! The weekend is heeeeeere. What’s going on? After being gone pretty much all week last week, it will be nice to have a weekend at home. We’ll probably get into the usual shenanigans: I have a girls’ night planned with friends, we’re meeting up with friends + their kiddos for dinner, church, chores, prepping for the next week. P’s birthday is going to be here before we know it – I literally have to remind myself every day that she’s only 2, because she’s really like a 4-year old tr
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apped in a 2-year old’s body – and I’m excited to start party planning. I’m thinking we’ll do something here at the house but get a jumping castle and a taco truck (necessary). I’d love to hear what you’re up to this weekend!

Now it’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party. This is where I share some of my favorite finds, reads, wears, and laughs from the week. I love hearing what you’re enjoying, too, so please shout out some faves in the comments if you’d like to join in the fun!


– The decaf almond milk lattes from Cartel are A+.

– Last night, I took a baby meal over to a friend who has a lil newborn. All of the usual staples were there: cheesy enchiladas, Instant Pot Mexican rice, beans, salsa, chips, brownie/cookie/Oreo bars, and margarita mix. I pretty much make the same thing for every baby meal, so if you have new ideas, please throw them my way! Even so, I’m cool with being the token enchilada girl. 

Read, watch, listen:

– Tips for better conversations. 

– All the happy tears for Lindsay, Bjork, and Sage.

– How to beat insomnia

– Won’t You Be My Neighbor. I cried during parts of it because Mister Rogers was such a rare, genuinely kind human being. I highly recommend this documentary as it gives insightful background into his life, his true genius, and is very well-done. 

– Another reason to get in endurance exercise

– 36 hours in Tucson

– Don’t forget to check out this week’s podcast interview here! Jess and I are chatting all about injuries: what to do about them, how to prevent them, when to use heat/ice, and cryotherapy. 


– I met Merrick briefly at last week’s CJ event and love her style! She looks so put-together without being over-the-top. (Check out her blog if you haven’t already!!) She inspired me to try a couple of new things in my wardrobe, so I ordered these studded booties (on super sale. Going to wear them with a black top, black jeans, and this long blush cardigan I recently picked up from Express), this pleated skirt ($25! and you can dress up or down), and this tiger dress. The tiger dress is outside of my normal comfort zone, but I loved the way it looked when she wore it with black buckle booties.

I feel like I’ve gotten really comfortable on the fashion front lately and heading into fall, I feel inspired to switch things up a bit. (Stay tuned for a fall capsule-ish wardrobe post since I literally have like 4 articles of fall clothing here. I’m pretty much starting from scratch since I stored and donated so much in Valdosta.) Also, this is a problem that isn’t really a problem but I recently realized how much I was depending on Stitch Fix to pick out clothes for me. It feels oddly freeing to pick things out for myself again after quite a few Stitch Fix duds. 

Maybe it will look cute. Maybe it will look like I’m wearing pajamas. We shall see. 

Eats + recipes:

– Yesterday was low-carb day, so I thought I’d share my breakfast: 2 eggs, 6 egg whites, 2 tablespoons of guacamole, a Mikey’s Paleo English muffin with butter and cinnamon

– Give me this Instant Pot curry

– Best services for healthy prepared meals


NEW FIT GUIDES ARE HEADING YOUR WAY! (<— yelling a little because I’m so excited) I’ll have all of the info up Monday,. Be sure to check in if you want first dibs because spots will go very quickly. If you haven’t taken the free fitness quiz yet, check it out here and see what plan I’d recommend. I put so much love and work into these plans and the response has been amazing.

Check out Laura’s results after only 6 weeks:

Leave your fitness personality in the comments below and I’ll pick a lucky winner to receive a free Fit Guide on Monday!

Happy Friday, friends!



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The best podcasts I’m listening to right now – a list of my favorites in each category and a lil bit about them.  I’m answering a super important but maybe tmi running question – do you wear underwear under running shorts / tights?  And finally the awards this week are HUGE!!


In case you’re new here…

I’m Monica and I created Run Eat Repeat.com to share 2 huge goals  – run 1 full marathon, lose 20 pounds. Since then I’ve run 30
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full marathons, 50 halfs, 900 donuts and now Run Eat Repeat is a huge community online and now this podcast. I’m happy you’re here!


Warm Up: 

– I’m going to a knife skills class tonight! I’ll let you know if I chop off a finger! Maybe I’ll raffle it off…

– I just listened to Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. It was amazing!

I turned on YouTube before my long run this weekend and randomly a talk by a doctor that was on Mt. Everest the season Krakaur was where a lot of people died was talking about crisis response. Since they mentioned the book I downloaded it and immediately started to listen to it on the run. I was done in a few days. Yeah! Good books and running!!

<a target=”_blank”  href=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0385494785/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=0385494785&linkCode=as2&tag=rueare-20&linkId=d07c849f535eba2f094cffbd86bbc1ac”><img border=”0″ src=”//ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?_encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=0385494785&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format=_SL250_&tag=rueare-20″ ></a><img src=”//ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=rueare-20&l=am2&o=1&a=0385494785″ width=”1″ height=”1″ border=”0″ alt=”” style=”border:none !important; margin:0px !important;” />

I have an Audible subscription so I listened to it – but it’s available the old fashioned way too.


– I’ve been getting questions about the Pile on the Miles for this year. Yes! I’m going to do it again in November but I’m thinking about options for check-ins and considering doing a Run Bet.

Run Bet – you bet $40 on yourself that you’ll run a set amount of times. It’s usually 4 days a week for 30 minutes.

Would you be interested?

What would be a good goal for you?


My favorite Trader Joe’s Pumpkin seasonal foods that are healthy. List up now!


Running Gear Question:

Hi Monica,

I’d like to remain anonymous because, maybe everyone already knows the answer to this but…what do you/people wear under their running shorts/tights? I just listened to your “best running shorts” podcast and wondered. Commando? Thong? If so, which ones? Thanks for letting me ask this slightly embarrassing question.


Take the Instagram Poll to chime in if you wear underwear while running!

>>> Instagram polls are in my Instagram Stories = you have to click on my bio pic in IG and that will take you to my stories. They’re only available for 24 hours so check it out before they’re gone!

If you want to wear underwear while you workout try a pair that’s made specifically to wear under running tights, shorts or yoga pants.

Workout / Running Underwear:

Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong (I’ve heard good reviews of these)

Adidas Seamless Thong Underwear



Main Event: 

My Favorite Podcasts

Best Running / Fitness Podcasts:

My favorite running podcasts right now are

1. Another Mother Runner the podcast – mix of interviews with runners, race tips & recaps, training Q&A and more.

2. Endurance Planet – I’m kinda new to this one so far it’s 2 guys answering listener running, triathlon, nutrition… questions. They have mentioned a female co-host though so I think it’s co-ed sometimes. The male hosts both sound experienced and educated on running and training.

Other running podcasts in my list…

The Running Lifestyle podcast – I used to listen to this one a lot and just lost it in my usual rotation. I think it’s cute and helpful. I like that the host is big on emotional psychology.

DizRuns – He was on the RER podcast and is super fun!

Get Fit Guy – love this style of short episodes packed with research based advice. Each episode is on one specific tip or question.

The Run to the Top podcast – I used to listen to this when Tina Muir was the host. She has another podcast now – Running for Real podcast! I just haven’t updated my podcast list to listen yet.

Run Selfie Repeat now She Can and She Did podcast – From the creator of the sports bra squad Kelly Roberts updates on her marathon training, mental training and overcoming injuries

Best Fun / Comedy Podcasts:

1. Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

2. Watch What Crappens

I just discovered The Bitch Bible and Bitch Sesh… so I’m not sure if I love them yet but BB has had some funny moments.

Best Lifestyle Podcasts:

1. Skinny Confidential

2. Young House Love has a podcast


Best Health Nutrition Podcasts:

1. The Nutrition Diva Podcast

2. Rich Roll Podcast

Honorable mentions:

Model Health Show & Food Pysch


Best True Crime Podcasts:

I loved Serial and from there discovered Crime Writers On… and then other true crime podcasts.

The best ones I’ve listened to recently:

1. In the Dark

2. Criminal

3. Dirty John – a show is coming out soon so listen and then we can watch it

Check out Podcast Episode 89 for details on This is Actually Happening


Best News Podcasts:

1. Ted Radio Hour

2. Ted Talks Daily

I don’t really listen to the other ones.


Best Business Podcasts:

1. Gary V – I’m not fancy either.

2. Pat Flynn is an entrepreneur and sounds so down to earth.


Best Religion / Mental Health Podcasts:

1. Love Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

2. Love Meditation Minis to listen to when I go to sleep

3. Love the Savvy Psychologist


Chime in on today’s Instagram post and let me know your favorite podcast!!

And be sure to join the private Facebook group for more fun and to talk about running, eating and the show!



The Run Eat Repeat team won 1st for the half marathon team division at the Revel Cottonwood race!!

And the RER team won 4th place for the marathon division!!


Check out the Race Discounts page to save on the other Revel Races and a lot of other races!!


If you have a question for me – email RunEatRepeat@gmail.com or call the RER voicemail line 562 888 1644

Tag @RunEatRepeat on Instagram and let me know what you’re doing while listening.

And if you need motivation to workout, want to share a Rest Day Brag or just feel like encouraging someone else – comment on my daily Run Report on IG with your update!

Thanks for listening and have a great run!!




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