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A unique fragrance for contemporary men. Seductive, sexy, mysterious and stylish. Notes of fresh lemon and bergamot softly blended with hints of orange tree blossom. Warmed with soothing Guaiac wood and Tonka Bean. . Perfect for daytime wear and special occasions.
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A unique fragrance for contemporary menSeductive, sexy, mysterious and stylishNotes of fresh lemon and bergamot softly blended with hints of orange tree blossom
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Fitness Memes You Need To Instagram

67 Memes About Going To The Gym That Are Way Funnier Than They Should Be

Um...lets try the first ten seconds of planks!! - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! Cause guess what? you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts!
Breathable Anti-Slip Tummy Slimming Fat Burner Designed to Ensure the Band Stays in Place During Use. The Trainer With Adjustable Closure Fitting Up To 42 Inches. Wrap Is Made Of Neoprene. Our Wide Abdominal Trainers Are Made From Comfortable, Light-Weight, Stretchy Fabric That Conforms To Your Stomach & Won't Slip. Provides Instant Abdominal Compression Plus Lower Back Assistance To Keep Your Lower Back Safe During Workout. When You Order Kiwi-rata Best Fi
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tness Weight loss Trainer For Men & Women Today, You're Protected By A Lifetime Money Back Guarantee! * Item Size: Please check the measurements below and choose the right one. #1 Sweat belt #2 Sweat belt Measured before being stretched,known as Laid Flat Data, Please allow 1~3cm deviation. * Item Fabric:Neoprene * Item Color: Black+Yellow(As pictures show) * Item Condition:100% Brand New * Item Description:Women Sport Athletic Body Shaper Slim Yoga Belt. * Package Contents:1*Waist trimmer (NO Accessories Included) How to choose proper size? 1) Use similar garment to compare with the sizes 2) Choose larger sizes if your sizes are same as the flat measurement size chart Notes: 1, The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness. 2, Please allow slight (±2cm)manual measurement deviation for the data. Payment We accept payment via Paypal only. Delivery details Orders processed within 24-48 hours of payment verification. We only ship to confirmed Paypal addresses. Your PAYPAL address must match your Shipping address. Please kindly note that we don't provide combined shipping because the shipping fee is calculated by weight. Also, the each additional item means the exact same one, with the same color and size. Service transit time is provided by the carrier. It takes about 3-7 working days to US;about 7-15 working days to CA.Transit times may be a little delayed during holiday season. About us We strive for 100% customer satisfaction! Postive Feedback is very important to us. If you have any questions, please feel free to via eBay message us via "Ask seller a question" , we will reply your email within 24 Working hours.
It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

One of my very favorite hobbies is ultra-light backpacking. I love being able to strap on a pack with the bare essentials and get
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lost in the woods for days at a time. For the longest time, I’ve been on a perpetual quest to discover and collect the lightest gear to make my outdoor quests as efficient as possible. I’ll obsessively get out a kitchen scale to weigh my equipment piece by piece, creatively looking for ways to cut 5 oz. here and 2 oz. there. However, for years I nonsensically overlooked the heaviest and bulkiest piece of gear that I was lugging up and down the trail…my 40 lbs of extra body fat. Duh!

Through most of my adulthood, I could eat whatever I wanted (and in whatever quantity I wanted!) and not gain a single pound. I just chalked it up to lucky genes. When I hit my late 30s, however, things took a predictable turn for the worse. Year after year, the bathroom scale needle began trending upwards and it was becoming increasingly difficult to squeeze into my favorite pair of 501’s. Before I knew it, I was forty pounds overweight, constantly lethargic, frequently sick, and lacking the overall motivation to get out of bed each morning.

So I made a commitment to eat less and exercise more. That didn’t work for me at all! I lacked the simple willpower and self-control to stop eating delicious junk foods. And after two years of six days a week trips to the gym making myself miserable on cardio machines, I hadn’t lost a single pound of body fat. I felt frustrated, perplexed, and embarrassed. I felt like a complete failure.

In my unsuccessful attempts to look and feel better, I reluctantly solicited the help of a fitness trainer. I was hesitant for two reasons. One, I feared my body would be instantly transformed into Lou Ferrigno’s if I even glanced at a free weight. Two, I’m a prideful kind of guy that likes to research things on my own. But Googling “weight loss” left me so bewildered that ultimately, I put all my trust into my trainer’s hands.

My fitness coach suggested I try a trendy diet called keto. Since I told my trainer I’d do whatever he told me to do, no questions asked, I gave it a try. The first week I lost 7 lbs. It was during this week that I heard Mark Sisson interviewed on the Joe Rogan podcast. They talked a lot about keto, and my ears perked up. Mark also outlined the characteristics of the Primal Blueprint way of life and I was entirely hooked. Everything he said made so much logical sense to me. I probably listened to that two-hour podcast another ten times to let the concepts slowly begin to reprogram my thinking patterns that had long been brainwashed by conventional diet and exercise “wisdom.” I immediately got a copy of The Primal Blueprint and devoured it. I subscribed to as many primal and paleo podcasts as I could fit in my queue. I couldn’t seem to get enough of this new life-changing information!

After just a few short months, Mark helped me to completely optimize my diet and workouts. I was finally able to see and feel the results of the scale moving downward. I was now experiencing the benefits of being fat adapted…having bounds of energy, improved mental clarity, and not routinely getting sick every three months.

I wanted to share this newfound experience with as many people as possible. I now had a brand new life mission to help others discover how to become healthier, stronger, thinner, and full of energy. So when I came across an ad for enrolling in the Primal Health Coach Institute, I didn’t hesitate a second. Take my money! Going through the 17-week program was chock-full of revolutionary health insights and practical coaching strategies. I enjoyed the surprise of a new module opening up each week, and couldn’t wait to devour the life-changing concepts within. After graduating from the course, I felt supremely confident in my ability to coach clients towards their health goals.

However, towards the end of the training, a slight panic began to set in. I’d never started a business before. I didn’t possess the entrepreneurial gene that everyone on Shark Tank seems to have. I lacked the business experience and acumen. Right when all those doubts began to creep into my mind, PHCI—the Primal Health Coach Institute, came to the rescue. Not only did they provide an amazing business resource center at the end of the program, but they added 12 new business building task modules within the curriculum. I was able to go through each one step by step in a logical, simple, and straightforward progression. The staff also hosts ongoing monthly webinars with practical training and tips. After each webinar, I’m so inspired by the relevant content. There’s always a wealth of useful action steps that I can apply to health coaching and business building. PHCI has taken all the guesswork out of starting a health coaching vocation for me. The business building tasks alone were well worth the cost of the program!

By the time I graduated, I was able to launch The Optimized Life, LLC with a snazzy website (theoptimizedlife.net), set up 4 business social media outlets, construct a growing email marketing strategy, and tackle tons of other smaller but vital tasks for beginning a thriving health coaching practice. Within my first week, I signed up four clients for a 3-month group coaching package. I’m now well on my way to providing nutritional and fitness support for busy people whose waistlines are expanding and energy levels are declining.

Words can’t express how grateful I am to Mark and all the Primal staff for giving me the tools to live the rest of my life with joy and vitality. As a Primal Health Coach, I want nothing more than to pass those same tools on to others I meet as well.

Chris Prior

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A new total-body strength workout you can do at home in the driveway with a sturdy chair or bench and a pair of dumbbells.

Hi friends! How’s the day going? I hope you’re having a wonderful morning so far! We’re enjoying a little staycation with the fam and spending the whole day in the pool. It’s pretty much the only thing you can do right now between hiding in the AC. I taught a spin class last night and it felt SO amazing to teach spin again. I’ll share my playlist in tomorrow’s post!

For today, I hav
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e a driveway workout for ya. When I first saw these pop up on Pinterest a couple of years ago – my friend Julie has a great one here! – I loved the idea, but couldn’t figure out how or why I’d want to work out in the driveway. And then the girls became the ages they are now, and I totally get it. 

Driveway workouts are perfect if you have active kiddos who want to run around outside, and you want to get in a sweat at home. When we were in Valdosta (before summer was in full force), it was such a great way to get in a workout while the girls played. They’d ride their scooters and Power Wheels around and I’d get in a backyard sweat. My neighbors probably thought I was slightly nuts, but they’ve also seen me drag the camera outside and take workout pics, so they’ve probably known for a while that I’m a little weird.

Here’s a workout you can do at home, in the living room, garage, or in the driveway while you watch the nuggets play.

Here’s what the workout looks like:

Form cues and tips:

Squat press: Holding a pair of dumbbells, keep your chest lifted and your weight in your heels as you squat down and back. Exhale and squeeze your booty to rise, and perform an overhead press at the top.

Narrow row to wide row: Your feet will be just under your hips with a slight bend at the knees. Hinge forward from your hips, keeping your back flat (shoulders pulled back) and core braced. Lifting up from your elbows, bring them high and wide, engaging into your rear delts. Stop the elbows at shoulder height before carefully lowering back down. For the narrow row, squeeze the elbows in and keep your arms from lifting higher than your torso. Inhale to lower down with control.

Side step-up: Holding a pair of dumbbells, stand next to your sturdy chair or bend. Step one foot flat onto the bench (so your entire foot is planted on there) and exhale to bring your opposite foot onto the bench next to it. Tap that foot back down to the floor an exhale to come back up. Complete 12 reps on one side before switching to the other side. For additional challenge: hold a heavier pair of dumbbells, and come into a knee raise at the top, so you’re balancing on one leg. Modify: do weighted squats instead.

Deadlift: Hold a barbell, pair of dumbbells or kettlebell, and tap one leg behind you. You can keep it here, with the weight in your front foot as you tilt forward, bringing the weights just below the knees. Exhale and rise with a flat back. For more advanced variations, you can float this top foot off the floor. Make sure to keep hips parallel to the floor. For a traditional Romanian deadlift, keep both feet hip distance and knees almost straight (a slight bend to protect your knees).

Single-leg lunge: Stand about 3 feet in front of the chair or sturdy bench so you can place one leg on top of it. Keep your chest lifted and core tight as you sink down into your lunge. Watch your front knee to make sure it remains stacked over your front ankle.

Dumbbell swing: Stand hip-width apart and hold the dumbbell in between your knees with one hand. Start to gently swing it so you can gain some momentum. When you’re ready, power through your hips, glutes and core to swing the weight up to shoulder height, then bend your knees, swinging it back to start. Remember that you are NOT using your arms to lift the weight; this is pure glute and core power. Every time the weight goes up, make sure you’re strongly exhaling. 

Plank balance: Make sure that your body is in one straight line from your head, all the way back through your knees or toes (depending on whether you’re modifying). If you’re on your toes, press back through your heels, and no matter what, keep your hips in line with your spine. Tilt your chin away from your chest so your neck stays long, and take some nice deep breaths. Alternate lifting one leg and the opposite arm off the floor while maintaining your plank position. 

V-up: Focus on keeping your transverse abdominis engaged as you perform this exercise. As you crunch up, you should pull your belly in instead of letting it pop out. Exhale and think about drawing the belly button towards the spine.

Please let me know if you give it a try!

Heads up: I’ll have a FULL follow-along barre workout (45 minutes) up for you the week of August 13.

Have a wonderful day and I’ll see ya soon.



Photos: Lindsay Colson

Wearing: Fabletics

More of my fave at-home workouts:

Lean machine total body 

Wall workout

Yoga flow strength workout

Classic at-home barre workout

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Hi friends! How are ya? Hope you’re having a lovely morning. I’m catching a barre workout today, editing the podcast for tomorrow (be sure to catch it here!) and heading out swimming with the girls. Just living that Tucson summer life until school starts again! 

Their back-to-school wardrobe got an awesome boost when their first Stitch Fix boxes arrived a couple of weeks ago. They’ve seen me get fixes for years now – since Liv was a tiny baby! – and would often ask where their boxes were. (Thankfully Mac a
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nd Mia was created so they could have a similar experience. We’ve done a few of their deliveries and love them.) When I told the girls that these Stitch Fix boxes were for them, they were soooo adorable and excited about it. They couldn’t wait to open them.

To be totally honest with you guys, my last few Stitch Fix deliveries have been a bit of a bummer. They sent me some weird pieces including a dress with intense palm tree print all over it, so I didn’t have super high hopes for the kids boxes. I thought maybe we’d keep a few things and just kind of get the feel for it, especially since it’s a newer service.

I was BLOWN AWAY by all of the amazing stuff they sent for the girls!

Our first Stitch Fix Kids delivery:

I had filled out their style profiles online and it was fun to note their personal preferences and the types of styles they usually enjoy. For example, Liv is a little more sporty than P, and also a little bit more adventurous on the fashion front. P only wants to wear dresses right now – she basically acts like she’s on fire if I try to suggest shorts and a top for her to wear – so they sent her quite a few new dresses in her fix.

Right away, Liv was stoked about the new rose gold sandals. The fit her perfectly and she’s been wearing them to church and out to dinner ever since.  

She loved all of the clothes she received so much, we ended up keeping everything in her box. It was a fun mix of dresses for school, tops, shorts, and the beloved sandals.

P immediately started trying on all of the dresses in her box. She wore a beautiful red Kate Spade dress the rest of the day and was as happy as a little clam.

We ended up keeping almost everything in her fix, except for a pair of shorts and a top she’d never wear. 

Some of the things I loved about the kids’ fixes:

– They really paid attention to the notes in their style profiles. I had answered that a giraffe was Liv’s favorite animal, and she received a shirt with a giraffe on it. I feel like the fixes were extremely personalized for each girl.

– The price points!! I was expecting it to be expensive, especially since Mac & Mia is pretty pricey. I was surprised by the prices, because most of the shirts were $14 to $20 and the most expensive piece was P’s Kate Spade dress at $34. 

– High quality. The clothes all felt like they were well-made and like they’d last playtime, school, and running around. 

– CONVENIENCE. This is my #1 favorite thing about Stitch Fix: they pick items just for you that you can try on at home and send back what you don’t like. Shopping with the girls is a little crazy right now – they just toss things into the cart with wild abandon and I almost always forget the most important items on our list – but they still need new clothes. Trying on at home is a thousand times easier than lugging them to the mall, especially when they’d rather be playing or doing something fun. 

If you’d like to try out Stitch Fix for kids, my referral link is here! 

Friends with kiddos: where do you shop for school clothes? Do you shop with your kiddos or prefer to do it solo? 

Where did you do most of your back-to-school shopping when you were a kid? I still remember Mervyn’s vividly haha.

Hope you have a great day and I’ll see ya in the morning with this week’s podcast episode all about acupuncture. 



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