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1. Endurance

Long after the emotion of starting the journey, you must commit to continuing. You know it is going to hurt (a lot), but you decide to keep putting one foot after the other until you reach your goal. You will not avoid the pain and remember that it\'s more painful not making it to your goal.

2. Individuality

Others may come and go but you are all you need to be successful. You don\'t exclude, look-down-on, or rudely disregard others. But you don\'t need their approval or emotional sustainability to make it to you destiny. Within you are all the answers to your problems.

3. Curiosity

The answer is out there despite what you are told. For every obstacle there is a solution. And you are persistent in finding it. You disregard pretension and common sense to get the answers that you so desperately need. You refuse to accept reality as the norm. You create what does not exist.

4. Wonder

Beauty is all around you. And you feel it. In quiet moments of fear and isolation you look up for inspiration. And it calms your concerns. The quietness fuels your passion. You replace the fear of what is not with the gratitude for what already is.

5. Belief

You trust in yourself. You aren\'t a doubter. You are a doer. You believe in yourself because you are deeply honest with yourself. You believe that you will deliver what is necessary to overcome. Despite your detractors, your fears, and your past record of failure you make the choice to believe that you will overcome. That this time will be different.

6. Courage

What is hard to do is also what needs most to be done. You know that and resolve to make the hard decisions that others reject. You are brave in spite of the hurdles in your way. You are a testament of mind over matter. You use fear to motivate action instead of letting it stop you.

7. Compassion

To love is to truly live. You are empathetic and kind. And not because it gains you access or reward, but because it is right. Because when nothing else works, the power of love overcomes any obstacle. It is the ultimate enabler. It enables you. It opens your mind to possibilities that exceed your wildest expectations.

8. Introspection

Within you is the wisdom and power to accomplish anything you can imagine. Every sense of honor, nobility, and the endurance to overcome are locked within your being. You just have to pause long enough to be brutally honest with yourself.

9. Vision

You need to see beyond the limits of possibility. Where others see disaster and failure, you see a bright and promising future. That vision is what leads you around perils to the promising future of outrageous opportunity. And you create it all because you can see it.

10. Generosity

To get you must first give. You give even before it is asked of you. You give when you have little to offer. You give because giving pays back a little of the karmic debt you owe the cosmos. Because you remember that much has been given to you already. And that gratitude drives you to give.

11. Learning

What is not known first, you must learn later. You learn from fear. You learn from failure. You learn from triumph. You learn from the world around you and the people with which you interact. You learn from every interaction, every thought, every premonition. Because learning leads to winning.

12. Adaptability

Although you have a plan and a strategy, you are flexible. You don\'t mind a detour and appreciate all you learn along the way. You don\'t get frustrated by needing to bend. You anticipate the need for flexing and stay on your toes as you deftly tap-dance your way around the insurmountable odds that stand in your way

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