There is no magic pill when it comes to losing weight or getting in shape. Fortunately, there’s something even better: It’s high intensity interval training (HIIT). No, this isn’t one of those workout trends that will be outdated next year. Nor is it a workout designed by some exercise “guru” who promises you that you’ll
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For most of us, abs work comes at the end of the gym session. But by this point, you’ve probably run out of steam. And are likely lying on the floor. So if you really want to supercharge your core strength, get off the mat and put abs moves at the start of your workout, just after you’ve loosened up. And try the modified front lever, which has you hanging from a pullup bar and engaging your core to perform a lower-body tuck.



This has several advantages over traditional crunches or
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situps. For starters, you aren’t resting your body on the ground, so more of your middle is engaged.

“Movements in which you are hanging and bringing your feet all the way up don’t target just one part of your core but your entire abdominal wall,” says Mathew Forzaglia, coach and trainer at NEO U in New York City.

Plus, the unconventional move requires grip strength and arm and shoulder stamina, works your lats, and improves your body control. To start, focus on doing three to five reps, holding the tuck for 10 to 20 seconds at a time. Make it easier by using a box to reach the bar and stepping off gently, rather than jumping into starting position. And try using a mixed grip (one palm facing out, the other facing you), which will give you a stronger hold on the bar.

You can work up to the modified front lever with knees to chest (pulling your knees toward your sternum). On the other hand, if you achieve the position easily, try performing the tuck, then extending one leg out at a time. Or extend both legs for a full hollow hold. If you’re missing your post-workout lie down, don’t forget: There’s always foam rolling.

Front Lever James Michelfelder
How to do it:

Hang from a pullup bar, hands just wider than shoulder-width apart. Engage shoulders and lats by pulling shoulder blades together and down.
Bring knees to waist height (shown left). Engaging abs, simultaneously tuck chin, press hips forward, and pull knees to rib cage, getting shins and torso to parallel (shown right).
Slowly drop hips, unfurl legs, until torso is straight, to start.
A group of dancers swarm the stage, their necks thrusting left to right, their hips gliding in the other direction as the chimes of the gamelan ring out. In Ubud, Bali, every night is garnished with traditional dance shows.

The performances are intended to enchant both the gods they celebrate and the tourists that come here to escape the buffet lines closer to the beach.

Two Rmayana dancers, in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia Buena Vista Images / Getty Images
Just inland toward the mountains, past the world-famous
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beaches and resorts, Ubud is a cultural hub showcasing the diverse facets of Balinese culture. On the steps of the many temples, boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, locals rest offerings of rice and flowers (canang sari) in mini leaf baskets three times a day. These Balinese Hindu traditions are gifts to the gods showing gratitude for the richness of life here and evidence to outsiders of the locals’ adherence to tradition.

The town lounges along two shopping roads, Jalan Monkey Forest and Jalan Hanoman, both of which are lined with friendly homestays—mostly smallish estates where extended families live together among statues of gods and gardens. We opted for Jangkrik Homestay, a great deal at $15/night. Across the road from Jangkrik is a stage where family members perform a Kecak trance dance (instead of instruments, a group of a hundred men chant as dancers perform) with other people in the community. It’s about $14 a show and proceeds go to the upkeep of the neighborhood.

Balinese Long-Tailed Monkey Edmund Lowe Photography / Getty Images
Just down Jalan Monkey Forest is The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. For $2, visitors can tour temples and an art museum while mingling with apes that are rather less concerned about the intrusion than the sanctuary’s name might suggest. After monkeys steal their food, travelers can head to Sukuma Road, where restaurants serve up Indonesian classics made extra spicy. Whether it’s an introduction or a long stay, Ubud hosts an array of classes and shows to keep any visitor occupied and inspired.

More Information: Downtown Ubud is roughly an hour drive north from Denpasar and Ngurah Rai International Airport along Jalan Batu Balan, which winds through the graceful rice fields around the small town of Lodtunduh.
Let’s be honest, Hawaiian vacations are more about beachside mai tais and overindulgent luaus than they are about backcountry adventures. And that’s fine, but lei-bedecked travelers are missing out because Volcanoes National Park, spread across 520 square miles on the Big Island, has everything from tropical rain forests to a snowcapped peak and Kilauea volcano, which has been erupting continually since 1983.



“Of the 13 climate zones found on Earth,” says ranger Jessica Ferr
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acane, “11 are found on the Big Island, and seven are found in the park alone, so the diversity is extreme.” That is to say there’s more to explore here than in most mainland states. Plus, with Hawaiian Airlines, round-trip flights from Maui and Oahu are only $170—and less than an hour long—meaning you can access the park no matter which Hawaiian island you’re lounging on.

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Backcountry Camp on a White-Sand Beach

Volcanoes is brimming with worthy hikes, including a half-mile walk to a rain-forest-enshrouded lava tube, and a three-day epic to the summit of 13,677-foot Mauna Loa. But one of the best trails, which also has some of the fewest crowds, is the Puna Coast, an 11.3-miler that starts near ancient petroglyphs and ends at a white-sand beach surrounded by volcanic rock. “There’s denim-blue ocean as wide as your imagination,” says Ferracane. “And along the trail you can see these green, forest-covered cliffs that have been cleaved by black lava flow — it’s as stunning as it gets.” With a backcountry permit, you can camp under the palm trees and cool off in the Pacific. If not, stop at Apua Point, 6.6 miles in; you’ll still have time to make it back to town for pre-dinner mai tais.

Lava from Kilauea Volcano flowing into ocean Danita Delimont / Getty Images
See the Lava Pool

There are few sights as unsettling or thrilling as watching the glow of magma belching from deep within the Earth. And there’s no easier place to encounter it than Kilauea volcano: A lava lake inside the crater has been active since 2008, and it’s viewable from multiple places along Crater Rim Drive. Of course, to fully experience the spectacle, you’ll need to go when it’s dark out. While most people tend to crowd around at sunset, a far better time is early morning, before the sun rises. You’ll see that same reddish blaze, but because the wind is light, you’ll also hear volcanic rocks exploding deep within the crater as superheated magma slowly rises and falls. “It sounds like giant surf breaking near shore,” says Ferracane. “Many of us like to say it’s Pele, the volcano goddess, speaking to us.”

Papakolea Beach paranyu pithayarungsarit / Getty Images
Can’t Miss Detour: Green-Sand Beach

Red, white, black — beaches in Hawaii come in all colors. Even green, like the sands of Papakolea Beach, on the Big Island’s south coast. They are rich in olivine, a mineral common in Hawaii’s lava rocks that lends the beach its unmistakable hue — one of only a handful of such beaches on the planet. The undertow can be severe, so swimming is not advisable, but the three-mile hike crosses rugged pasturelands that seem more appropriate to Scotland than Hawaii.

Where to Stay

Most Big Island visitors stay on the Kona Coast, three hours from the park, a commute that leaves little time to explore. Instead, book a night or two in the town of Volcano, right at the park’s entrance. If you can snag a room at the historic Volcano House, overlooking the crater, your bedtime light show will be brighter than the Las Vegas Strip. Otherwise, look to Volcano Village Lodge, a small resort with private cabins tucked into the rain forest.

Our expert: Jessica Ferracane, a lifelong resident of Hawaii, has worked in Volcanoes for five years. She’s been visiting the park for two decades.

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If you’re a modern marketer who’s using the demand waterfall, lead scoring or lead nurturing, then you’ve probably heard of Sirius Decisions. What you may not know is that every year SiriusDecisions brings together some of the best and brightest minds in sales, marketing and product, from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium sized enterprises at their annual SiriusDecisions Summit. The goal of the summit is to provide a forum for shari
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ng the latest insights, data, models and frameworks as well as the technology and services powering B2B sales and marketing.
This year’s summit was in Nashville, TN and marked the 10-year milestone for the conference. Boy has it grown in that time…from 130 attendees and 9 presentations to a whopping 2300 and 47 presentations! Over the course of the 4-day conference we heard tons of great speakers, case studies and keynotes…and even found some time to enjoy Music City.
Here’s a quick recap of some of the key themes:
Change is all around us.One theme we heard lots about during Summit 2015 was that of change. The opening keynote delivered by Tony Jaros, SVP and Chief Research Officer at SiriusDecisions highlighted the enormous changes we’ve seen as sales, marketing and product leaders; changes that we couldn’t have foreseen 10 years ago.
The first area of change that Tony points is around best practices, like the demand waterfall and sales funnel, the B2B buying cycle, lead scoring and nurturing and mobile marketing strategies. It’s hard to believe, but 10 years ago we weren’t employing these methodologies that today comprise the backbone of our demand generation campaigns!
Another area of change is around the organization. In the last 10 years we’ve seen the introduction of new functions like sales enablement, marketing ops, and the demand centre.  The growth in these functions was apparent as I talked to tons of people around the conference and those who came to visit the Vidyard booth!
On top of the introduction of new functions, we’ve also seen re-alignment of other functions like sales operations from being backward-looking to forward-looking with data that can help organizations make better decisions.  A case study presented by Holly Rollo, VP Corporate Marketing from FireEye provided a great example of re-alignment in action.  She talked about a dramatic re-organization of FireEye’s marketing organization to improve visibility into lead flow, pipeline as well as infrastructure and process. Her mission with this re-org was to create a world-class marketing engine that could scale for growth. The old FireEye marketing organization was siloed with distinct marketing operations, corporate marketing and regional marketing functions.
Their solution was to incorporate both product marketing and account development into the marketing organization. By making product marketing a function of marketing, FireEye was able to better align sales enablement and core materials to programs being run by the demand center. And by adding account development to regional marketing they were able to boost the service level of lead qualification! 

Understanding is key!The second key theme was that of ‘understanding’…better understanding your customers and better understanding your business metrics.
On the topic of better understanding your customers, the legendary Earvin “Magic” Johnson gave a captivating keynote talking about lessons learned from his career on the court and in the boardroom. As he roamed the packed room taking selfies with dozens of delegates, he talked about how a deep understanding of the urban consumer has been a key differentiator for him as an entrepreneur. He told stories about how, through an understanding of the tastes of the urban consumer, he was able to influence the selection of concessions, music and menu items in two of his ventures – a theater chain developed through a partnership with AMX Cinemas and Starbucks locations in urban centres across the US.

Later in the week, Erin Provey, Sr. Director of Strategic Communications at Sirius Decisions, talked about understanding the true cost of content.  Erin broke down how important it is for B2B marketers to understand the investment in content creation and provided a framework for calculating annual investment in content. Erin also covered how to analyze content spend and determine how much is productive (activated by internal audiences and consumed by external resources) and how much is wasted.  Based on a survey of 400 enterprises of different sizes, SiriusDecisions found that 65% of content was unproductive! Interestingly, the two main reasons why content was unproductive was because it was either unusable (such as hard to read) or not easily found.
Alignment, alignment, alignment!The third and perhaps most prevalent theme of SiriusDecision Summit ’15 was alignment.  As SiriusDecisions co-founder John Neesen put it, “The alignment between sales, marketing, and product is the hallmark of a high performing organization”. In his day two keynote, Neesen talked about the impacts of alignment on both top line and bottom line growth.  He pointed to a survey of 400 organizations finding that companies could grow for four reasons.
Market Growth – such as the growth in the industryCompetitiveness – like pricing, positioning, or first mover advantageEfficiency – around sales and marketing, for exampleAlignment – interlocking processes, measurement systems, service level agreementsThe study found that while market growth could represent 48-79% of growth and competitiveness and efficiency could represent 12-34% of growth, alignment could represent 5-36% of growth!  Their research found that companies that are more aligned have a significant strategic advantage over their peers. In fact, alignment can result in faster revenue growth (19%) and more profit (15%).

Another area where companies should aim to be aligned is between the promise and delivery of solutions. Jeff Lash, Service Director at Sirius Decisions gave a great keynote talking about different types of solution offerings that may be appropriate to solve different buyer and user needs. He spoke about four different solution types that organizations could employ:

How does this relate to alignment? Lash suggests that companies need to be mindful about what kind of solution they are promising and what kind of solution they are actually delivering.  Companies under-delivering against their solution promise introduce a delivery gap where customers are expecting something more integrated than what they receive. But what if the delivery exceeds the surplus? Isn’t under-promising and over-delivering a good thing? Well it can be, but Lash would suggest that a delivery surplus can also have negative repercussions and customers might feel like they’re paying for unneeded features.
V-Bot got his karaoke on at #SDSummit last night! Great party at a great conference!
A video posted by Vidyard (@teamvidyard) on May 13, 2015 at 10:40am PDT

This year’s conference was a huge success and the team is already looking ahead to SiriusDecisions Summit ‘16.
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Video options abound, particularly given its growing influence on content marketing success. If you’re thinking video is best done on social media channels, you may not reap the biggest benefits. You need to create videos for your website.

To make that pitch to your brand’s executives, read on and grab some stats to support your case. Plus, explore a way video can become a revenue stream for your business.

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ze Your Video Content Investment
Video brings more search traffic
Companies incorporating video content in their marketing strategy see 41% more search traffic than businesses without video, according to an Aberdeen study shared by HubSpot.

#Video content sees 41% more search traffic than text or image via @aberdeengroup #research. @HubSpotClick To Tweet
It’s not surprising. Videos often stand out in search results thanks to the rich snippets. They attract a lot of clicks even if they don’t rank in the top three.

Though that traffic stat is from 2015, the influence of video is only growing. Google gives more exposure to video content by featuring video featured snippets in position zero (above top 10 results):

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Video converts more users
Adding video to your site isn’t a “a fashion accessory, it’s a ‘must-have’ … for every commercial website,” according to EyeView, a video solutions agency. But that doesn’t mean just posting any video on any page and expecting a return.

Adding #video to your commercial website isn’t a fashion accessory, it’s a must-have. @EyeviewDigitalClick To Tweet
“If you’re going to add video to your site, you must determine whether it is … effective at driving site visitors to your conversion goal,” the EyeView author writes.

While the definition of a conversion goal varies, results from varying companies show the power of video content to convert site viewers:

EyeView’s case study shows pages with video converted 80% more in some cases than pages without video.
Unbounce reported a 100% increase in conversions with help of a video.
Webprofits added a video to the landing page and saw the increase in conversion rate by 16.4% at a 90% confidence rate.
Conversionxl shares a case study where a video on the landing page achieved an increase in conversion rates by 79.3%.

#Video helped increase conversions 100%, says @Unbounce via @danlsteiner.Click To Tweet
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Video leads to more purchases
Content marketing can be a tough sell to executives who are interested in its direct relationship to selling. While video’s ability to bring in more clicks and increase leads through conversions is awesome, it also positively affects customers’ buying decisions (and your company’s bottom line).

Consider these stats:

One in three millennials say they bought a product after watching a how-to video about it. (Google)
Users who engaged with video were more likely to sign up for the site’s platform hosting plan than those who didn’t watch. (Wistia)
96% of respondents said videos were helpful when making buying decisions online (Animoto)

96% of @Animoto survey respondents say videos helpful in online buying decision via @danlsteiner.Click To Tweet
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Bonus option: Video courses earn income
If you want to grow your commitment to video and bring additional success, put together a course. Providing a video-based educational experience allows you to:

Position your brand as a niche authority
Give your audience more reasons to convert
Nurture your leads to turn them into loyal customers and ambassadors
Monetize your video marketing to create a secondary source of income

Use #video courses as an additional revenue stream, says @danlsteiner.Click To Tweet
Quite a few platforms allow you to host and market your online course. To make the choice easier, here are some considerations:

Profit-sharing platforms
Usually free to join, these hosting sites retain a good portion of the course income (as much as 70% based on my experience). The platform dictates structure, pricing, and promotion. This solution works OK for those doing their first course because it doesn’t require an initial investment (apart from video creation) and it can be a great way to test your idea and concept.

Possible tool: Udemy is a well-known platform that offers a free solution for video course hosting. It doesn’t give much freedom to content creators. 

Advanced hosting platforms
If you want to retain all revenue and have more flexibility, monthly subscription hosting platforms are a great option. Once you recoup the monthly charge, whatever you sell is your income.

Possible tool: Uscreen offers an array of course marketing opportunities for $99 a month. Design courses as you want, add your branding, use your own domain, and use marketing automation and email marketing features to engage more students based on where they are in the course. You can also create and market a standalone app for your video course, creating new discovery (through app stores) and engagement channels for your brand.

DIY options
You also can use build-it-yourself solutions that incorporate self-hosted videos and self-integrated WordPress plug-ins, as well as WordPress learning management system themes. Only take this route if you work with a reliable developer because of the setup and components involved.

Possible tools: This colorlib post details a solid collection of WordPress learning management system opportunities.

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That’s a wrap
Video isn’t just for social media feeds. Using it on your site offers many opportunities that can bring bigger success for your content marketing strategy. It takes time to create and implement a strategic video component, but now you can make the case for why it’s worth that investment.

Have you been using video content on your site lately? Please share your favorite tools and tricks in the comments.

Please note: All tools included in our blog posts are suggested by authors, not the CMI editorial team. No one post can provide all relevant tools in the space. Feel free to include additional tools in the comments (from your company or ones that you have used).

Sure, you can catch Content Marketing World with on-demand video, but why not opt for the live experience? Register today to join thousands of your fellow marketers Sept. 4-7 in Cleveland, Ohio. Use code BLOG100 to save $100. 

Cover image by Joseph Kalinowski/Content Marketing Institute

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